Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing

I've recently realized that for a blog named "Confessions of a Fangirl" that I don't actually confess things very often. Well, today that is going to change. Are you ready? Drum roll, please! Here we go... I'm not a huge fan of William Shakespeare. I studied him in high school and I admire his talent but that's about it. I don't ever re-read any of his plays. In fact there are many of his plays that I'm not familiar with at all. I know, I know- what kind of bookworm am I?!?!

Now that you know that information about me you're probably wondering why I drove 50 miles to see Much Ado About Nothing on opening weekend. I can explain it in two words- Joss Whedon.

Ok, there might have been a few other motivating factors- Clark Gregg, Nathan Fillion and Sean Maher to name a few. 

I went into the movie knowing it was going to be good simply because Joss directed it and because it had a stellar cast. I didn't expect to fall completely head over heels in love with the movie. I was mesmerized. The cast was absolute perfection- I laughed, I swooned, I got angry and I got a little verklempt. Because of my lack of Shakespeare knowledge I was afraid I wouldn't understand what was going on but there was never a moment that I was confused. The movie is in black and white, which I thought might be distracting but was just the opposite. I feel like it enriched the movie. 

To get an accurate idea of how awesome this movie is, take all the praise you've read/heard about it and double it. That should just about cover it. And don't worry if you're not a Shakespeare fan- you'll love it anyway! 

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Black Ragdoll said...

I don't think anyone likes Shakespear after studying him in school... And reading his works is extremely challenging, I've never been able to! But I'm not a native English speaker, so perhaps it's easier for those who are...