Monday, May 13, 2013

Music Monday: The Piano Guys Concert

For Mother's Day I bought my mom The Piano Guys concert tickets. I'll be honest, part of the reason I bought them for her was because I wanted to go as well. Yeah, I'm sneaky like that ;) 

Anyway... what an phenomenal show!!!! I knew these guys were talented because I've seen all their videos but they blew me away. There's something so amazing about live music. I can't put it into words. It's just good for the soul. My favorite part of the entire show was how much fun these two seem to have together. The joy they get from performing was obvious on their faces. 
(sorry about the lousy phone pic- I didn't take my regular camera in with me)

One of the cool things was that Alex Boyé was able to join them for their version of Paradise (Peponi). Because of their crazy schedules, that doesn't happen often. It was a beautiful moment that brought me to tears.
(Once again, sorry about the awful phone picture.)

All in all, it was an incredible night. I laughed, I cried and I cheered. This concert was outstanding!! 

The highlights of the show also happen to be the moments that moved me to tears. These are the videos of those songs, each for different reasons-

Over the Rainbow/Simple Gifts
Paradise (Peponi)
Bring Him Home

The Piano Guys have a bunch of concert dates coming up. If they are anywhere near you I would highly recommend going to see them. Do it!! 

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