Monday, April 1, 2013

My Thoughts on The Host


I've been trying to compose this post since I  saw The Host on Friday. Most of the time when I don't love something I just don't post about it. I prefer to only post good reviews here. But I've had multiple people ask me for my thoughts on the movie so I thought I'd better post here.

Here's my review in a nutshell- I'll get more detailed below but if you only want a summary here it is- I didn't hate The Host. The problem is that I didn't love it. It came close to being what I wanted it to be but didn't quite make it. If I were to grade it, I would give it a solid C.

Here's a breakdown of how I felt about the movie-

Things I loved:
  • Max Irons was perfection as Jared. 
  • Saoirse Ronan was really good, especially with what she had to work with. (more on that later)
  • The score was gorgeous. I've got to get a copy!
  • The CGI on the souls was beautiful. It was almost exactly as I imagined it. 
  • William Hurt was the perfect Uncle Jeb. He wasn't who I pictured when I read the book but he fit the role very well. 
  • Chandler Canterbury was adorable as Jamie. 
  • Frances Fisher was wonderfully nasty as Maggie. 
Things I didn't love:
  • Jake Abel just wasn't Ian. He tried, he really did but he just didn't get there. I know I'm biased because Ian is one of my top fictional crushes but even my friends that were with me said he wasn't right for the part. He is adorable and I'm sure in other roles he's great. He just was not Ian. 
  • When they first announced they were making a movie my biggest concern was how they would portray the conversations that happen between Melanie and Wanderer. I'm not sure how else they could have done it but it came across as cheesy and silly. Like I said earlier, Saoirse did a great job with what she was given but it just didn't work. 
  • While I enjoyed Diane Kruger's performance as The Seeker, I felt they focused too much on how out of control she was. There were several things (which I'll list next) that were not focused on because they were wasting time with The Seeker. One other thing about her- I really wanted to see how nasty she is when her Soul is removed. We didn't get that in the movie. 
  • Kyle never got redemption. In the book we see Kyle's character redeem himself for his horrific actions when he learns to love Sunny. In the movie he is only a bad guy. I missed seeing that change in him. 
  • I felt like the acceptance of Wanda by the others in the cave was too fast. I know that they didn't have a lot of time to devote to that but I think that it should have been show somehow. Even if it had just been a montage of people slowly joining them at the dinner table night after night. 
  • I felt like they didn't convey the message of love, acceptance and compassion that the book has. Those moments like the human child playing with its Soul parents, Ian holding Wanderer in his hands, Kyle sitting by Jodi but holding Sunny in her cryotank, the soccer game, Kyle's trial... they weren't there and I felt like a huge chunk of the story was missing. 
I feel really bad posting a not-glowing review of anything. I didn't hate The Host, I promise. I'll probably even see it again after I'm done re-reading the book.

Book-to-movie adaptations are hard. It's impossible to get everything that everyone wants into a movie. I try to go into a book adaptation with an open mind. All I really want is for the spirit of a book to be there. I'm not sure if that makes any sense or not, that's the only way I can think to put it. Sadly, with The Host, it just wasn't there. 

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Pixie said...

I agree 100% I was also REALLY PISSED that Ian didn't hold her.