Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Host Trailer

*Warning- this post contains spoilers for The Host! 
You know those books that you pick up with fairly low expectations? Those books that you read just because you like the author but aren't really that interested in the plot? Yeah, that was The Host for me. I was a fan of the Twilight books (books, not movies) so when Stephenie published The Host I read it even though I'm not a huge sci-fi fan. Luckily my low expectations were left in the dust. I was blown away by the book and it has become one of my all time books.

When they announced that The Host was being made into a movie I was cautiously excited. As with all book to movie adaptations this could be an exceptional movie or it could be a huge disappointment. The fact that Andrew Niccol was writing the screenplay made me feel a little better. I'm may not be a huge sci-fi fan but Gattaca is one of the sci-fi movies that I really enjoyed.

Today they released the first full length trailer for the movie. 
Here are my random thoughts about the trailer:

First, the pros:
  • Max Irons is perfect as Jared! I'm not sure they could have cast anyone better. 
  • Saoirse Ronan looks great at Melanie. I've never seen any of her other movies but I have faith she can pull this off. 
  • The eyes. I know this is silly but I was worried that the silver eyes would look like horrible contact lenses. It looks like they must be adding the silver in as CGI afterwards- they look great. 
  • Diane Kruger as The Seeker. Oh my goodness!! She's going to be so good!
  • The cave. Just the brief glimpse we got looks great.
  • Melanie and Jared's chemistry- those two are going to set the screen on fire.
  • The use of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons as the soundtrack for the trailer. That song is perfect for the story. I hope it is on the movie soundtrack. 
Here are my concerns:
Honestly, I just have one really big concern- Ian. I'm trying really hard to get past the fact that Jake Abel doesn't look anything like Ian as he's described in the book. If we could just get more than a glimpse of him in the trailer I might feel better. I've been pondering why we haven't seen more of him in pictures or in this trailer. I've come up with a theory that may be completely wrong but for now it's what is keeping me hopeful about this movie.

When Stephenie was doing press for The Host she said that there was a certain character that wouldn't be quiet. He demanded to be a bigger part of the story. She didn't reveal who that character was until after the book had been out for a while so she didn't spoil anything. That character was Ian. I was glad she hadn't said much about him before the book came out because he took me by surprise. He actually blindsided me with his complete 180 degree change in attitude toward Melanie/Wanderer. He made me ugly cry. And when I say ugly cry I mean - put the book down because I can't see the words anymore, tears and snot out of control - kind of cry. Ian and Wanderer's love story is what made me fall in love with this book. It's the reason I re-read The Host at least once a year. 

Oh goodness, I'm rambling. Ian is one of my all time favorite characters so I tend to do that where he is concerned. My point is that I'm hoping that the movie producers aren't showing us any Ian and Wanderer interaction so that people who haven't seen the movie can be as surprised by him as the readers were. I'm holding tight to that theory so that I can continue to be excited about this movie. I really, really, really hope I'm not disappointed in the end. 


Unknown said...

I completely agree. Ian is a total stud in the book. Not because he's good looking, but just because he is so GOOD. I'm half in love with the character, no matter who plays him in the movie.

Gotta get myself some of those crazy contacts for opening night. :)

Landon H said...

Thanks ffor posting this