Friday, October 5, 2012

Defiance by C.J. Redwine

I've been in a reading funk for a while. I've read a few good books but haven't really had one that swept me into another world and made me forget about real life. Last Saturday I picked up Defiance by C.J. Redwine with the intention of just reading a few chapters. Several hours later I finished the book. I had completely lost track of time while I was immersed in this world of action, adventure and romance. That's how good this book is!! 

Defiance had everything I need in a book- a strong female lead, a fabulous love interest, a villain that makes my skin crawl and a plot that makes me forget about my life momentarily. 

Here are a few things I loved about this book-
  • The dual POV: I've stated many times that I'm not a huge fan of books told from multiple personalities so I was a little bugged when I realized Defiance was one of those books. But once I got to know Rachel and Logan I realized the story could not have been told by just one of them. 
  • The "Cursed One"- I don't want to say much because I want you to discover this on your own. I'm intrigued by this character and am anxious to see where the battle with it goes. (Vague much? Sorry! Read the book and you'll understand.)
  • Rachel- this girl is kick-ass! She is strong and brave and more than a tad stubborn. She's also scared and broken. Watching her go through the things she does in this book is brutal. I have a feeling that by the end of this trilogy she will rise above even my expectations of a strong, independent woman. I can't wait to see her journey!
  • Logan- he's nerdy, insecure and carries quite a few emotional scars. He's also deliciously swoon-worthy. *sigh* I love me some Logan. 
The only problem with reading this book in one sitting is that it was over too quickly. Now I need the 2nd book... is it 2014 yet?!?!


Unknown said...

It's on my list! Thanks Amy!

Plumbing Puyallup said...

I really enjoyed the first book and love that this cover matches it!