Wednesday, September 5, 2012

All Kinds of Castle Goodness

As we get closer and closer to the season premiere of Castle there are more and more things surfacing online that are feeding my inner fangirl. I'm new to this fandom so this is the first season that I've seen all these goodies appear. I've tried to have some kind of control and not post all of this stuff as it came out. So I'm going to throw it all into one post.

First up- a couple of things from season four that have been released in anticipation of the DVD release on September 11th.

A deleted scene from the season finale, Always. This is painful to watch because of the truth of Castle's words and the fact that Kate predicted this is how she would react if she started looking into her mother's case again.

The bloopers from season four- this made me laugh so hard. These guys look like they have a blast at work.

And now for the season five goodness...

The first promo for season five- After the Storm. My reaction- asdmdajnemrefav

And a picture from that episode to go along with it-

New cast photos!!! Here's the whole cast-
Individual photos can be seen here. They are gorgeous and completely worth following that link. I'd post them all here but that would make this post even longer than it already is.

And then we got a new promo poster
There is some interesting analysis of this poster here.

These photos are from Entertainment Weekly.

I'm so excited!!! September 24th can not get here soon enough!!

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