Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mumford and Sons Concert

Last week my friend Miranda and I went to the Mumford and Sons concert in Salt Lake. We underestimated their popularity and only arrived an hour early to get in line. When we got in the line it was only around to the side of the building. By the time they opened the doors it made several loops through the parking lot. Because we got there as late as we did we didn't get very close to the stage but we still ended up with a good spot. The concert was outside and the back half of the lawn is on a incline so we were able to see the stage.

I wasn't a huge fan of the opening bands but Mother Nature made the wait worthwhile. This was the view from the venue. She was definitely showing off that night.

After what seemed like forever Mumford and Sons took the stage. The entire crowd of 3,500 people was on their feet and the air felt electric. I'm always a little bit nervous to see a band live for the first time. I'm afraid they won't be as amazing live as they are on their albums. With Mumford and Sons my worries were in vain. I was blown away!! These guys are phenomenal live!!! There were several times that I found myself simply standing and staring at them on the stage. I was in awe.

Marcus Mumford is a master storyteller. He and the rest of the band weave a tale that leaves the audience mesmerized. I can not put into words how unbelievably amazing they are.
The set list was: Lover’s Eyes, Little Lion Man, Roll Away Your Stone, White Blank Page, Below My Feet, Timshel, I Gave You All, I Will Wait, Lover of the Light, Thistle & Weeds, Ghosts That We Knew, Winter Winds, Awake My Soul, Dust Bowl Dance, After the Storm, and The Cave

There isn't a lot of video from the show but I did find one of The Cave that kind of shows how good they were. I don't think it's possible to really capture the live experience.

This picture amused me because it shows all the phones and cameras in the crowd. 

It was a spectacular night and I hope that they come back to Utah soon!

*pictures of the concert stolen from Miranda because hers came out better than mine.

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Faith said...

Ahh! Jealous! This looks so fun!