Monday, July 30, 2012

Adventures in Stalking Kiersten White- Endlessly Edition

Last week I spent an evening stalking by Kiersten White at The King's English Bookshop. (Don't worry- all parties are ok with the stalking, it happens all the time.)

Like the expert stalker that I am I dressed appropriately- every good stalker knows that wearing shoes to match the book cover is a great way to flatter the stalkee.

I also took pictures as a good stalker does-
(This one is kind of blurry- stalker fail!!) 

And I took video of Kiersten reading from Endlessly-

For some reason I didn't take any notes when Kiersten was speaking. The event was held on the back patio of the book store and it was really hot so I'm going to blame the heat for my lack of note taking. I'm also blaming the heat for not remembering much what was discussed during the Q&A session. I know that there was some discussion about which My Little Pony is Kiersten's favorite, about her next two books- Mind Games (Spring 2013) and a yet untitled stand alone (Fall 2013), and the importance of critique partners- Kiersten's are Natalie Whipple and Stephanie Perkins.

Overall the evening was a huge stalking success. I'm already looking forward to our next encounter when Kiersten returns for Mind Games. 


Bonnie the Boss said...

Hey, don't forget her making fun of Natalie's dance decorations, when they were in High school.And making Natalie cry.
And Steve the Vampire was named after a guy who was one of her first blog readers.

Janelle said...

Hmm, never thought about the matching shoes angle...nice tip for wanna-be stalkers!!