Friday, January 13, 2012

Shatter Me

My initial review of Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi-
Ummm.... whoa.... wowza.... jdkewqpafdnbk...
(interpretation- 4.5 stars! OMGTHISBOOKISREALLYGOOD!!)
Now I've had a day or two to wrap my mind around the brilliance that is Shatter Me and I'm going to try and write a more coherent review.

You know those books that everyone says are phenomenal but you don't think it can live up to the hype but then you read it and you're blown away? Yeah, this is one of those books.

I have to talk about the writing style of this book. I'm not usually one rant and rave about a writing style but OH MY GOODNESS (!!!!) this book is so beautifully unique that I was blown away! It actually took me a minute to get into it because it was distracting at first but once I got used to it I was hooked.

I need to admit that I have a girl crush on Juliette. She is bad ass!! She is so very broken at the beginning of the book that I wanted to cry for her. I loved watching her grow and see the change that love brought into her life. I cannot wait to see where she ends up at the end of the series. I have a feeling she will blow me away with what she becomes.

Can we take just a few moments to talk about Adam? Because I can't write this review and not talk about him. You all know that I've got quite a collection of fictional boyfriends. Well, Adam has secured his place on my list. Not only is he on the list but his position on the list is near Ian O'Shea, Po, Cricket Bell, Four, Gilbert Blythe and Kaleb Ballard. Yes, he is that amazing. He and Juliette have some serious chemistry. I was worried my book would spontaneously combust a few times.

I was a little surprised by the end of the book. It went in a direction that I did not see coming at all. After thinking about it for a few days I've decided that I'm really excited about that twist and what it means for the next books in the series. My only problem is that I want the next book now ;)


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Love your review!! :D

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