Saturday, November 5, 2011

Book Launch Party for Ally Condie's Crossed

Last Tuesday, November 1st, I had the chance to escape real life and go to the book launch party for Ally Condie's new book, Crossed. The event was at the The King's English in Salt Lake.

Ally talked about Crossed, read a expert from the book and took questions from the audience. Here are my notes on what she said.
  • Crossed was the hardest book she's written. If people hadn't been waiting for it, it probably would not have ever been finished.
  • The setting of Crossed is Outer Provinces, which are based on Southern Utah where Ally grew up.
  • This is Ky's book
  • Because it's Ky's book it was more complicated to write because he's a very private person. Getting inside his head was difficult, even for her.
  • There are several new characters in Crossed- they caused Ally a lot of grief but then joy.
  • Vick was easy to write because he is based on Ally's brother and brother-in-law. They are both natural hunters/fishers.
  • Indie was a loose cannon. She was like the tiger in the backyard- she was ok until all of a sudden she wasn't.
  • The painting that Xander gives Cassia at the end of Matched- Chasm of the Colorado by Thomas Moran is what the landscape in Crossed looks like.
  • Matched focuses on poems, Crossed focuses on paintings.
  • Ky's mother was a painter. None of her work lasted very long but she still did it.
  • Ally's mother is also a painter. She paints in watercolor- Ally asked her once why she didn't paint in something more permanent. She told her that she didn't care how long they lasted, she just wanted them to be beautiful. This is the same way Ky's mother felt.
  • Matched influenced by George Orwell's 1984 and Ray Bradbury's There Will Come Soft Rains.
  • Book three is still in progress and is currently title-less
  • Ally has nothing to do with the book covers, but she loves them.
  • Ally has always been a reader. Her favorite authors are Agatha Christie, Wallace Stegner and Ann (didn't catch the last name- sorry!)
  • Her favorite national park is Zion's because she grew up hiking there
This is the Thomas Moran painting Chasm of the Colorado

After she was done speaking and answering questions Ally signed books. As she always is, Ally was kind and gracious with every single person that stopped at the table, even though the line was long.

Book signings make me happy. There is something magical about listening to an author speak about the characters and world that they have created. It makes the book reading experience even better. I'm extremely lucky that Utah has a large community of authors so that I can get my fangirl fix often. I'm also lucky there are amazing bookstores like The King's English to host these events.

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