Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Top Fangirl Moments

My lovely friends over at Eve's Fan Garden recently posted their top five fangirl moments. Their lists started my brain churning about my favorite fangirl moments and I decided to post them here.

Breakfast with Stephenie Meyer: My amazing friend Donna worked some magic and arranged for a small group of us to have breakfast with Stephenie when she was here in Utah on her book tour for The Host. It was an unforgettable morning! We had a fabulous time!!

Visiting Platform 9 3/4: In 2008 my Mom was in England working so Dad and I went to visit her. I insisted that King's Cross be one of our stops while we were in London. My Father was a bit perplexed as to why we were going to a train station to look at a wall. I just told him it was a Harry Potter thing and that I couldn't visit London without going there. Once we got there it made a lot more sense.
I hate this picture of me but it's proof that I was there. Sadly I couldn't get onto the platform ;)

The 6th Annual 1-800 Suicide Press Conference: On April 10, 2010 I had the opportunity to attend Hopeline's annual press conference on Capitol Hill. Justin Furstenfeld was one of the speakers and Blue October performed an acoustic set. It was a very touching experience. My write-up and video can be seen here.

TwiCon: I used to be an administrator on a very large Twilight fan site. In July of 2009, before the large Twilight conventions came to be, there was a fan organized convention in Dallas. I'm not usually a convention type of person but I was invited to go to this one because of the site. The convention itself was pretty much a disaster but meeting hundreds of women that I've been visiting with online made the entire weekend worth it. This is a slide show of the many, many pictures I took of the weekend.

Donna outs me to Jeremy Furstenfeld: I run a Blue October fan site. It's named after a very random song that was a B-Side on their last album. I chose it because I wanted a name that only true Blue October fans would understand. The song was actually written by the drummer, Jeremy. A few months after I launched the site I went to Denver for a concert. My friends Donna, Janicca and I went out back afterwards to get pictures and autographs. I had no intention of mentioned the site to any of the guys but Donna had different plans. While we were chatting with Jeremy she mentioned the site. Jer said that he'd been to the site and that he liked it. After he said that I had the biggest fangirl grin on my face. I know it's a silly moment but it still makes me grin when I think about it.
 Janicca, Me and Donna before the show

Meeting Shannon Hale: One of the first book signings I ever went to was Shannon Hale's. I've been to many others since then and even several of hers since then but the first will always be a highlight of my fangirl career.


Stephanie Pellegrin said...

Awesome! I may have to do something similar soon. ;)

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Sorry I outed you... Wait. No I'm not! It had to be done. : )

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Shannon, is one amazing woman, that would probably be one of mine.