Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Hunger Games Teaser

MTV debuted a very short teaser of The Hunger Games movie tonight. Even though it wasn't very long I loved it! The arena, the voiceover, the archery, the four note whistle (possibly Rue's whistle?) at the very end- I loved it all!!

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 It certainly did its job- it teased us and made us want more. Is it March yet?!?!?


I found this picture on a friend's blog, who found it on her friend's blog, etc. I want a copy to hang in my house but can't find where it originated from :(

Monday, August 22, 2011

Music Monday

Adele was here in Salt Lake last night. I'm still having a pity party that I couldn't get tickets. Next time she's here I will go, even if I have to sell a vital organ to get tickets.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Help

A while ago pretty much my entire office read and loved The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I tried to read it but I was unable to get into it. It's been a while so I don't really remember why but I think it was during finals so I was really distracted and unable to get into a serious book. I kept meaning to get back to it but haven't had a chance. I knew the movie was coming out so I decided to go see the movie before reading the book so that I could have the movie characters in my head when I read the book.

I saw the movie yesterday and was blown away. It was phenomenal!! I laughed, I cried, I got angry and my heart broke. What a beautiful story!! Now I'm really looking forward to reading the book as soon as I'm done with the book I'm currently reading.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love

I am not a huge Steve Carell fan. Most of his movies are too over the top for me so I wasn't planning on seeing Crazy, Stupid, Love. But I kept seeing commercials and reading good reviews for it so I decided to give it a shot even though he's one of the stars in it. I am so glad that I did. I loved this movie! It's a romantic comedy but it's not the typical cheesy rom-com. It is sweet and funny and heartfelt. The humor wasn't too over the top, which made me very happy. Steve's role reminded me a lot of his role in Dan in Real Life- not because their characters are the same but they do both show the same kind of vulnerability. Many of my friends commented on how hot Ryan Gosling is in the movie and it's very true but I found myself loving Steve Carell's character more. I've also decided that I adore Emma Stone. She's fabulous in everything I've ever seen her in, including this.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Monday

I love the music from Les Misérables. This arrangement of Bring Him Home by Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson is absolutely gorgeous! As an Army Brat the dedication at the beginning of the video is especially touching (and made me cry!).

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Top Fangirl Moments

My lovely friends over at Eve's Fan Garden recently posted their top five fangirl moments. Their lists started my brain churning about my favorite fangirl moments and I decided to post them here.

Breakfast with Stephenie Meyer: My amazing friend Donna worked some magic and arranged for a small group of us to have breakfast with Stephenie when she was here in Utah on her book tour for The Host. It was an unforgettable morning! We had a fabulous time!!

Visiting Platform 9 3/4: In 2008 my Mom was in England working so Dad and I went to visit her. I insisted that King's Cross be one of our stops while we were in London. My Father was a bit perplexed as to why we were going to a train station to look at a wall. I just told him it was a Harry Potter thing and that I couldn't visit London without going there. Once we got there it made a lot more sense.
I hate this picture of me but it's proof that I was there. Sadly I couldn't get onto the platform ;)

The 6th Annual 1-800 Suicide Press Conference: On April 10, 2010 I had the opportunity to attend Hopeline's annual press conference on Capitol Hill. Justin Furstenfeld was one of the speakers and Blue October performed an acoustic set. It was a very touching experience. My write-up and video can be seen here.

TwiCon: I used to be an administrator on a very large Twilight fan site. In July of 2009, before the large Twilight conventions came to be, there was a fan organized convention in Dallas. I'm not usually a convention type of person but I was invited to go to this one because of the site. The convention itself was pretty much a disaster but meeting hundreds of women that I've been visiting with online made the entire weekend worth it. This is a slide show of the many, many pictures I took of the weekend.

Donna outs me to Jeremy Furstenfeld: I run a Blue October fan site. It's named after a very random song that was a B-Side on their last album. I chose it because I wanted a name that only true Blue October fans would understand. The song was actually written by the drummer, Jeremy. A few months after I launched the site I went to Denver for a concert. My friends Donna, Janicca and I went out back afterwards to get pictures and autographs. I had no intention of mentioned the site to any of the guys but Donna had different plans. While we were chatting with Jeremy she mentioned the site. Jer said that he'd been to the site and that he liked it. After he said that I had the biggest fangirl grin on my face. I know it's a silly moment but it still makes me grin when I think about it.
 Janicca, Me and Donna before the show

Meeting Shannon Hale: One of the first book signings I ever went to was Shannon Hale's. I've been to many others since then and even several of hers since then but the first will always be a highlight of my fangirl career.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Music Monday

I had another song in mind for today's Music Monday but then I got an email telling me that The Parlotones will be in Salt Lake on October 26th so I had to post one of their songs. I first fell in love with this South African band when they opened for Blue October last Fall. They came back to Salt Lake during their US tour this past Spring. I'm so excited they are coming back again!!!

This video is from the first time I saw them in Las Vegas.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stalking Kiersten White- Supernaturally Edition

On Saturday I was able to go to Kiersten White's book signing at The King's English Bookshop. She is on tour for her new book, Supernaturally. It's the sequel to Paranormalcy. Both books are fabulous. If you haven't read them- do it now!

I've been stalking Kiersten for a while now so I knew it was going to be a great event. Kiersten talked about her books, her writing process, read from Supernaturally and then signed books. It was a wonderful, laughter filled afternoon!

Here she is reading a very humorous excerpt about a unicorn from Supernaturally-

One of the questions from the audience was about what her favorite letter is. I love her answer- I would never been able to come up with something so clever that quickly-

A couple of pictures from the signing portion of the day-
Me, Rae, Catie and Christy waiting in line
Kiersten signing
Me, Bonnie, Christy, Catie and Rae with Kiersten

The best part about being Kiersten's stalker? She's 100% ok with it ;)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer

If we're friends on Twitter or Facebook you know that last week I was stalking my UPS man for the delivery of several books. One of those books was Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer. It is the sequel to Nightshade and I have been counting down to its arrival for months. I finally got my copy last Friday and put everything on hold until I finished it. My read through included all of the following emotions/phrases (not necessarily in this order and often repeated):
I knew it!
What the?!?!
How did that happen?!?!
That did not just happen!!
He did what?!!?
Are you kidding me???
Wolfsbane was a roller coaster from page one and the ride didn't end on the last page of the book. The cliffhanger at the end left me feeling like I was stuck upside down on one of the loops of the roller coaster. Of course, I knew going into it that it would be like that. I willingly got on this ride ;)

I can't say much because just about anything will be a spoiler. I can say that I adored this book. Andrea has created a world and characters that evoke very strong emotions from me. Andrea also tackles themes like feminism, nature vs. nurture, racism, free agency, and many more. The beauty of her books is that she brings up these topics in a way that doesn't come across as a homework assignment. (I don't have children but if I did I would love to have my older teens read these books and then discuss them. What a great way to start conversations about deep topics that's not a school lecture!)

In addition to creating deep, meaningful characters and situations Andrea is also the queen of creating swoon-worthy men. I was in love with several of the men in Nightshade and in Wolfsbane I fell in love with a few more. I'm still unsure which way I want the love triangle to go- poor Calla has quite a choice to make!

I know that Bloodrose is going to be a rough read but I'm really looking forward to it. Only 201 days until it's out!!! (Not that I'm counting or anything)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Music Monday

I'm not a fan of Bluegrass music but I love me some Mumford and Sons. I really need them to come to Salt Lake on their next tour.

In these bodies we will live,
In these bodies we will die.
Where you invest your love,
You invest your life.