Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!!

The 4th of July doesn't really seem like a fangirly holiday but I'm a patriotic sap so I manage to turn it into one. Here are some of my favorite things about this holiday-

This speech from Independence Day gives me chills every time I watch it. It makes me want to vote for Bill Pullman to be our next president.

America from The Jazz Singer is a classic. As cheesy as this movie and Neil's sparkly shirts are the message of the song really is beautiful..

The Star Spangled Banner, when performed appropriately, can bring me to tears no matter how many times I hear it. Two of my favorite performances are below-

The brilliantly talented violinist from Blue October, Ryan Delahoussaye performs for US troops in Japan.

Josh is one of the few artists that performs this song with the proper amount of respect. He doesn't ever add unnecessary runs to it, he sings it as it was written. I especially love this a cappella performance. So simple, so powerful.

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