Thursday, July 7, 2011

Austenland: The Movie

I adore Shannon Hale's writing. Every one of her books are funny and sweet and wonderful and snarky and fabulous. (I could probably throw a few more adjectives in there but I think you get the point.) She lives here in Utah so I try and go to as many of her events as possible. (Well, as many as possible without crossing the line into stalkerdom). For a while now Shannon has been hinting about a Super Secret Project that she was working on but couldn't announce yet. Now the news is out- her book Austenland is being made into a movie! Yay!!

The great news doesn't stop there. The movie adaptation screenplay was co-written by Shannon and Jerusha Hess. Jerusha is also directing the movie. It is being produced by Stephenie Meyer. Talk about girl power!!

I'm really, really excited about this! I love that Shannon is so involved in the project. So many authors aren't able to be involved in the movie making process, which is just sad. All movie adaptations should have author input on the interpretation of their characters. They start filming next week so hopefully it won't be too long before we get to see this fabulous story on screen.

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